Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives with the finest holistic methodology using quality botanical ingredients. 


Hi my name is Alicia.  I started my career in the spa industry in 2004 as a massage therapist. After 4 years of honing my craft I realized I had a thirst for knowledge and just couldn’t stop there so I went on to earn my esthetician’s license in 2008. I now specialize in sugaring, skin revision, therapeutic massage, and tattoo removal. I take pride in consistently continuing my education so that I can bring you the best of the best. I look forward to working with you and grateful you have found Spa Cia.

Hola my name is  Orquidea. I was born in Caracas Venezuela and came to the states when I was 20 years old. I became an esthetician in 2002 graduating from our very own  SBCC. My passion is working with organic  skin care products and practicing holistic modalities that restore the skins functionality. I am beyond blessed to say that after 18 years of working in the spa industry I truly enjoy what I do every single day. 

Hi my name is Andrea. I moved to Santa Barbara  10 years ago. I studied at the esteemed Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute to start my life long dream of becoming a body worker.  I  knew I wanted to be a body worker since early childhood. I was always eager to work on my friends and family, much to their delight I became certified in 2019. My main focus is on deep tissue and relaxation. My technique is slow and thorough, allowing my client's body lead the way and my intuition to follow. It's pretty hard to stay awake on my table! I look forward to working with you and helping you drift off into another world where your needs are met with an abundance of healing energy.

Hello I'm Alison,  I started out my career in the beauty industry 20 years ago as a makeup artist. It was then that I realized how important the integrity of the skin is and how to enhance the skin from within instead of just covering it up. I wanted to show the world that skin was meant to be shown and that an inner glow was the purest form of beauty. Helping someone solve an issue through targeted treatments and the proper protocol are my favorite.