Holistic Facials

Indulge your senses with a luxurious SPA CIA facial. It's more then just a facial it's an experience! Allow our skilled Esthetician's  to treat your skin using all natural and skin loving products.


Classic Facial - 60 min

Customized for your specific skin needs using a blend of Osmosis and seasonal Skin Script masks. Our expert skin care therapist's analyze your skin to create a specialized treatment specific to your goals. Includes  gentle enzyme exfoliation, lite extractions, 2 masks and finishing products. Head, neck, arms, and foot massage are integrated within the facial while active ingredients are penetrating the skin.

Osea Organic Earth To Sea Luxury Facial - 70 min 

Awaken your skin with an infusion of bio-available sea minerals and potent plant-based botanicals. Osea uses  hand picked seaweed from the pristine waters of Patagonia  in combination with steam distilled and cold pressed essential oils for an aromatic and deeply nurturing experience. Gua Sha facial massage releases stagnant chi to encourage lymphatic drainage, and ease tension for a toned and sculpted appearance. Head, neck, arms, and foot massage culminate this experience incorporating soothing essential oil blends to encourage deep relaxation from head to toe. 

Tama Microcurrent Facial - 60 min 

Revitalize your skin with this state-of-the-art anti-aging Microcurrent treatment. TAMA Microcurrent is a form of electrical massage that allows your face to attain better health naturally. This non-invasive holistic modality repairs and balances the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves muscle tone, lifts jowls and eyebrows, tightens large pores, drains lymphatic nodes and much more! Included in this treatment is a double cleanse, exfoliation, and finishing products. 

DMK Teen Acne Purifying Facial - 90 minutes 

Designed specifically for teens struggling with acne blemishes, clogged pores and oily skin. Featuring  the DMK Acu-skincare line. Embodies  a gentle exfoliation,   with a focus on thorough extractions, clay based masks that help draw out impurities to detoxify and balance the  skin. This treatment includes 30 minutes of Celluma LED therapy to destroy bacteria living on the surface of the skin, decrease inflammation and to accelerate tissue repair.  Head, neck, arm, and foot  massage  are integrated within the facial while relaxing under the Celluma. Infusion of Vitamin C and Beta Glucan culminate this facial with hand picked leave on products so your skin feels clean, hydrated and nourished.

Osmosis Derma Infusion Peel - 75 minutes 

Infuse your skin with a powerful dose of the vitamins and nutrients it needs to repair and heal from daily life. This unique product is brilliantly  reserved in your skin for up to 30 days allowing your body to use these nutrients as needed for continuous benefits weeks after your treatment. Fruit enzyme exfoliation, followed by extractions and application of Osmosis Derma Infusion Peel delivered by the revolutionary RevitaPen to increase product penetration to the deeper layers of your skin where real change is made. This treatment will increase hydration, reduce blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. No sun sensitivity. No inflammation. Just pure skin rejuvenation! Head, neck, arm massage are integrated while the Infusion is penetrating. 

DMK Clarifying Back Facial- 75 minutes

Deeply cleanse and dissolve impurities with this DMK treatment. Designed specifically for those struggling with acne blemishes, and clogged pores. Featuring the DMK Acu-skincare line this facial embodies a gentle exfoliation, with a focus on thorough extractions, Signature DMK Body Enzyme treatment that helps draw out impurities to detoxify and reboot the skin. Infusion of Vitamin C and Beta Glucan culminate this facial with hand picked leave on products so your skin feels clean, hydrated and nourished.

Cia Special - 90 minutes 

Enjoy full body restoration with the added 30 minute massage integrated into your 60 minute Classic Facial. This is for when you cannot decide what your body needs most a facial or a massage.  Why not have both? This experience starts prone with a 30 minute full body massage before turning over to drift off into your yummy facial. The massage doesn't stop there. While products are penetrating your skilled therapist will make sure you receive a full body massage while integrating in a full facial that is customized to your skin conditions.

Facial Series

Buy a series of and 4 facials and receive 20% off.


Add on:

Celluma Light Therapy - 30 minutes $35

Tama Microcurrent - 30 minutes  $60