Specialty Massage

Melt into a whole body relaxation with a customized SPA CIA massage. Our skilled therapists specialize in multiple modalities, integrating all aspects of their  education to create the perfect massage  for you so you feel replenished, relaxed and nourished.

Swedish - 60  / 90  / 120  Minutes

Step into dreamland with this full body experience. Massage strokes are lavish and lingering using  long luxurious full body strokes to achieve the ultimate full body relaxation improving circulation and releasing muscle tension. 


Deep Tissue  - 60  / 90  / 120 minutes

 Support your bodies ability to heal itself from chronic pain or discomfort with deep slow pressure, compression and stretching to release deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Usually focused on two or three areas of the body and can be incorporated into a Swedish massage for ultimate full body balance. 

Maternity  - 60  / 90  / 120 minutes

Create  space  within by focusing on the special needs of your dramatically changing body. Sink into this supported side lying position and indulgence in  nurturing massage strokes varying in pressure for your bodies unique needs.  Mother and baby share in the benefits of  lowering stress hormones and relieving body discomforts for ultimate relaxation during your incredible journey into motherhood. Performed during 2nd and 3rd trimesters only. 

Cannabis Massage - 60  / 90  / 120 minutes

Fall into a deep relaxation with Moon Mother Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil.  This powerful blend contains over 80 naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals, omegas and other phytonutrients. It's  known for it's therapeutic properties that relieves chronic and acute pain, and reduces inflammation for a feeling of profound calmness.

            Add On:

Cupping Therapy

Heal your body with this ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique. It is proven  to remove stagnation within the body by stimulating the flow of energy and by increasing blood flow to loosen connective tissue, break up scar tissue, flush out toxins and reduce pain.

Celluma Light Therapy Body Treatment - 30 min 

Low-level-light therapy accelerates healing by 3 to 6 times the normal rate for a deluxe regenerating experience. Our  near-infrared setting increases circulation, eases muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasms and helps with arthritic pain by decreasing inflammation.


Choose between 5 different essential oil blends; harmony, at peace, love, tranquility, or balance. These blends are beautifully designed to enhance your wellness goals and provide you an exceptional  aromatic experience. 


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