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Spilling the Tea on Low-Level-Light Therapy

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For the past few years I have been looking to add some light therapy to our practice, but weeding through all of the machines that are available on the market has been overwhelming. I didn't want to promote something to my clients that simply does not work. So lets dive into what light therapy is and why science has convinced me it's amazing for our bodies.

Low-level-light therapy uses a light emitting diode (LED) that emits protons, these protons pass through your cell wall, there they are absorbed into the mitochondria and cell membranes causing a up regulation of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis. Think of it like photosynthesis for humans. The main role of the mitochondria is to produce energy also know as ATP. Let's transport back to our 5th grade science class where we were taught about the Mitochondria being the "the powerhouse of the cell". I know, it was long time ago for me too, so lets recap. The mitochondria creates and transports this chemical energy within the cells for metabolism, the break down and build up of energy. Every cell in your body uses ATP for energy. Think of it like your bodies battery and the light therapy is charging up your cells to get to work. All of this extra ATP causes an avalanche of metabolic events resulting in bio-chemical and cellular changes. Let me simplify, because your cells are energized they can get to work on all the things it may not have had the energy to do before like tissue repair or creating more collagen and elastin. In fact it's been proven that light therapy accelerates healing by 3 to 6 times the normal rate! Pretty amazing right? What about those pesky scars after you get a breakout that just seem like they will never go away? Yep you got it. Light therapy will help those heal at light speed!

After the science convinced me of the benefits of light therapy, now it was time to choose a machine and let me tell you there are no shortage of choices. After comparing the science of wavelengths and usability, I decided on the award winning Celluma™. The biggest reason why I absolutely love Celluma™ is that their treatment panel is unique with simultaneous delivery of 3 different lights; blue, red and near-infrared. Each wavelength works at a different depth focusing on the epidermis for blue light, dermis for red and subcutaneous with near-infrared. Although all three wavelengths are present during your treatment one is dominate with 3 different settings so we can focus on your specific skin condition. I was also impressed with the amount of research this company has done with the amount and quality of light energy delivered so it can be efficient. Something I have learned about light energy is that more is not always better. In fact a low dose with close proximity to the skin for a longer periods of time gives the best results. That's why our treatments are 30 minutes. No more no less. I'm thrilled to share all this with you and excited to tell you what Spa Cia has to offer.

We have made it super easy to integrate this into any facial or even a massage treatment for a deluxe regenerating experience. It is also amazing at accelerating healing anywhere in the body with its near-infrared setting for it increases circulation, eases muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasms and arthritic pain by decreasing inflammation. This treatment is great with pretty much everything since it recharges your cells to do what they do best, but my favorite is it's ability to charge up our fibroblast cells, the cells responsible for rebuilding collagen and elastin. It's great at smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and improving skin tone and texture. We have integrated the Celluma™ into our Teen Acne Purifying Facial and our for it's superior ability to calm inflammation, kill acne bacteria and speed up the healing process of those pesky acne scars. You can also do a series of treatments where you come in for a quick 40 minutes where you'll receive a cleanse before sitting underneath the Celluma™ for 30 minutes. We recommend twice a week if you chose to do this treatment without an accompanied treatment for best results. The sooner you get started the better since prevention is always easier then repair.

I hope you are as excited as I am about our new light-therapy Celluma™ and are excited to add it on to your next treatment.

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